Bitch and Animal: What's that Smell? (CD)

Bitch and Animal: What's that Smell? (CD)


Bitch and Animal’s first ever full-length recording. Co-produced by Kate Wolf. Recorded to tape in Seattle. Includes the not-so-secret secret bonus track, The PusSy maNifeSTo.

Released in 1999, Dive Deep Productions (self-released)

Track Listing:

  1. Ovumture in Areola Minor

  2. By Morning

  3. Scorpio-Lite

  4. Climbing

  5. Push The System

  6. Black Eyed Girl

  7. When I See You

  8. I Lie Still

  9. Twinkle

  10. Heavy in Love

  11. Drag King Bar

  12. Stretch

  13. Climbing Reprise (+Pussy Manifesto)

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