Bitch: Make This Break This (CD)

Bitch: Make This Break This (CD)


Bitch’s transformation into a solo artist began with this record put out by Kill Rock Stars. It is symphonic, raise-the-roof revolutionary and break-your-heart ballad-y. Produced by June Millington of Fanny, mixed by Roma Baran (Laurie Anderson). Features performances by Sini Anderson, Annette Aguilar, Janelle Burdell.

Released 2006, Kill Rock Stars

Track Listing:

  1. Unstick

  2. Two Girls Strong

  3. Almost to the Water

  4. Make This Break This

  5. The Timer Song

  6. Rise

  7. Witches

  8. Aileen Wuornos

  9. 40 Billion Light Years

  10. Wish the Sunrise Would

  11. Stone

  12. Train Station/Beograd

  13. Landmass

  14. The Most Powerful Thing That Ever Happened In the Entire World

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