BEACH: In Us We Trust (CD)

BEACH: In Us We Trust (CD)


Bitch’s project BEACH is indie-electro rock .  Re-issued in 2019 as “Bitch”, this project as always is fronted by her electric violin & mixed with Billie Jo Cavallaro’s electronic beats, the new LP represents such an important shift in sonic landscape that she was moved to name the project BEACH.  During the making of the album, the artist left her NYC home of 15 years and went to California. She describes BEACH as “a place where everything shifts”. Sonically, In Us We Trust breathes the energy of the city; the simultaneous hope and despair, the bitter edge, humor and power of human gathering.

Released 2013, Short Story Records

Track Listing:

  1. Ibuprofen

  2. Love Was A River


  4. Quiz

  5. In Us We Trust

  6. Maybe State

  7. The Debbie Gibson Song

  8. Souvenir (Ferron cover)

  9. Tap Dance Of The Day The World Ended And The Day It Re-Began

  10. Opening Offering Talking

  11. O Packaging

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