Ferron: Thunder & Lighten-ing

This double disk package includes a 1-hour documentary about Ferron, and a new album of music by Ferron.

Thunder & Lighten-ing is a movie and new album by/about Ferron
  1. Thunder the documentary
  2. Light of my Light
  3. Belly Bowl
  4. The Pledge
  5. Slender Wet Branches
  6. In the Meantime (Remix)
  7. The (H)unger Poems
  8. Army Of You
  9. Cactus
  10. The Return
  11. Testimony (Live)



This double disk package features the award-winning* hour-long documentary, Thunder, about Ferron. made by Bitch and Billie Jo Cavallaro. Disc 2, Lighten-ing, is the accompanying album, a new recording of Ferron produced by Bitch. To watch the first part of Thunder, click HERE To listen to Lighten-ing for free, click HERE

A bit of the story:

Ferron is one of Canada’s most famous folksingers. Bitch is an indie-electro violinist/song-writer. They met in the early aughts on the ‘women’s music’ circuit and became fast friends. Together, they are unlikely inter-generational combo that remind us, that no matter the different styles, ages and backgrounds, true art and friendship is a pleasure to watch.

In 2008, Bitch produced a Ferron album, Boulder, that includes performances by Ani Difranco, The Indigo Girls, JD Samson, Julie Wolf, Lyndell Montgomery, Ulali, Tina G, Samantha Parton, Midtown Dickens and Geo Wyeth.

Go see what the press said about Boulder HERE

Since releasing Boulder, Bitch met visual artist/ video maker Billie Jo Cavallaro. Upon introducing Cavallaro to Ferron, Bitch and Billie Jo began to dream about making a documentary about the artist. After some encouragement from friends and co-producer Leslie Gearhart, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to begin the project.

One of the first things we hear Ferron say in Thunder is “I think all documentaries follow that sort of time-line life story approach…I just don’t…think like that.”

Thunder is not your average documentary. It doesn’t give us that timeline approach, nor does it tell Ferron’s entire life story. Instead, Cavallaro and Bitch capture a ‘window into the artist’—where we are affected on a subconscious level. It tells a tale of an intergenerational friendship that explores the ideas of legacy vs. invisibility and the artist vs. the world.

Lighten-ing, the accompanying album, is a great follow up to Boulder With some re-makes of Ferron’s classics, plus 3 never-before heard songs, including a collaborative song between Ferron and Bitch.

Check out a video for Ferron’s new song, The Pledge HERE

*We were honored to receive three awards for Thunder at the Wild Rose Film Festival in Des Moines, IA. Best Music in a Documentary, Best Editing, and Best Production.