Bitch and Animal: Eternally Hard

Righteous Babe Records, 2003

  1. Best Cock on the Block
  2. Traffic
  3. Scrap Metal
  4. Boy Girl Wonder
  5. Pissed
  6. Passports
  7. Blah Do Blay
  8. Sparkly Queen Areola
  9. Six States Away
  10. Ganja
  11. Mother's Day
  12. 33 Zen Lane
  13. Miss Me My Dear



After hearing Bitch and Animal, Ani Difranco took them on tour and produced and released this album. Packed with a mix of their notoriously in-your-face sex-positive politics and tender ballads.

Richard Hilburn of the Los Angeles Times sites bitch and animal’s latest release, eternally hard, as one of the top ten freshman albums of 2001:

“There was a lot of the usual confrontation and anger in rock this year, but not much extremism, which is one of the virtues of this female duo’s “eternally hard” album, from Ani Difranco’s label, Righteous Babe Records.

The language is crude in places, but the body-part references are often broadsides at stereotypes in these tales of sexual and social politics.

There is a lesbian sensibility at work, with a humor and underlying vulnerability that is almost always universal.

The pair can also wrap a lot of commentary into a single line: “I’m just a little girl boy/trying to make my way/in a man’s world.”