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One of our first stops was the Louvre where we saw:


Mesdemoiselles Chasseriau, Les Deux Soeurs – Theodore Chasseriau, French, 1843

This picture barely conveys what a HUGE place this is.


This was Napolean’s Dining Room.  Bastard.

Napolean’s sitting room.  Bastard.

Again, Napolean’s sitting room.  Again, Bastard.



We HAD to go see Gertrude and Alice’s place!  We sat for a cafe right down the street and imagined her and Picasso doing the same thing.  I wrote a poem there….of course!  I also found a green necklace right on the windowsill, as if it was left for me!

Oh, Mona.  I call this one “Art Matters.”

The fountain where we swear we saw the psycho killer who was on the loose at the same time we were there:



Notre Dame:

Notre Dudes Dudes Dudes

More Dudes Dudes Dudes

through my sunglasses:

this is a code that you will soon be able to crack!!  :)




Tom and Jerry re-invented!!





We loved this artist’s stuff:  EdouardBuzon

This was Brancusi’s studio:

And of course, Alligators for sale..


That’s us

What you can’t see is the blisters on my feet from the hike to the Eiffel Tower…


Paris!  Je t’aime!!!!



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