Love Was a River

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Today, we are less than a month from releasing my new album, “In Us We Trust.”  Not only is it my new album, but it’s such a different sonic celebration that I decided to release it under the name BEACH.  Read my previous post if you wanna know WHY!

As we near the release date, we are giving away tracks.  Today it’s “Love was a River.”

This is a song that has been in my head for a good 6 years.  I came up with the first line “if love was a river I think I’ll go by land” while on tour, suffering a heart break.  The road is an incredible place to feel alive.  When your heart breaks, it REALLY breaks.  When it is uplifted, it’s like THROUGH THE ROOF uplifted.  I think it’s why a lot of songs, or snippets of songs come to me while I tour.  But it takes coming off tour, resting and processing the million things that just happened, to actually COMPLETE a song.

So this one, I wrote that first line, and then every now and then would jot down other ways I would prefer to travel, then by the twisted river-y ones of love.  I put it into a blues-y bass line when I got home, and came up with the melody.  After I sent it over to Roger, we decided to make the chorus a big, wailing, blow-their-wigs-off electric violin solo.

Hope your wigs are blown, and that you will share the song with all your friends and exes!



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