Jet Lag

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Woke up in Coventry (England—my parents’ hometown) at 4:45 am

took the bus down to London’s Victoria Station, got there at 8:30

took the Underground then a bus to Suzanne’s flat

picked up the instruments, gear, and heavy stuff

ate a tomato salad, brown rice and broccoli

Stretched and took Vitamin C


Got back on the bus, balanced the bags

as we bounced to the station

Undergrounded to Heathrow Airport

(thank the goddess for reading materials—long ass ride)

wheeled to departures, checked heavy ass bags



(they kept our Lemon Curd and Branston Pickle–

new kind of liquids)


[**remind me later to set up some sort of program with airports

to get all the food they confiscate to people who need and could use it--

Security Dude says they put theirs into an incinerator]]


Trammed to Terminal 5

Negotiated instruments into the first class closet

Flew over the Atlantic

Lots of reading materials

ate pre-ordered gluten-free meals’

served in microwaved plastic

(the amount of landfill waste

we were encouraged to make was mountainous)


Slept with crooked necks

Flipped through my Jubilee Special magazine

I love the Queen



Customs lines

Mildly hallucinated while we queued

delerious and chatted with drunk English dude

Passports approved

Customs bags claimed

through more lines, wheeling and lifting

re-checked bags


Wanted to walk to our connecting flight

But was told it was impossible

Trammed to Terminal 3


Homeland Security

we had to re-go through security

Much to our devastation and insecurity

Re-negotiate instruments as carry ons

Re-negotiate shoes, metal objects

and liquids oh liquids


Gate L6A

Puddle jumper to Toledo

then carred to Detroit


All in all–a 30 hour journey


Thank the goddess for tomatoes


and the mattress that now awaits








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