In Us We Trust, the single

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The title track of my upcoming NEW ALBUM was inspired by many things, including Judy Blume’s “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret.”

Ask any woman if they know the chant that begins “We must, we must….” and chances are 99% of them will promptly and excitedly finish, “we must increase our bust!”  Some over-achievers may even remember that the end of the chant-about-the-boobs was “the bigger the better, the tighter the sweater, the men depend on us!”

This is an extremely catchy chant that has stuck in my brain since childhood.  Like a lot of fairy tales or random Folgers’ commercial jingles, as an adult, you stumble across it in your mind and hear it with new ears, and say “holy shit that is NUTS.”  This catchy ‘jingle’ put me in a serious feminist pickle.

Over the years, as an artist, I have witnessed many uplifting and many equally as depressing happenings in our community.  At the root of so much splintering and infighting that I have seen, I have come to understand and think that a big part of our problems is a lack of trust amongst ourselves.

When I was writing this album, the Occupy Wall Street movement was starting.  It was very inspiring, and gave me a lot of hope that the ’99%’ could potentially unify and rise above all of our differences to make our own movement.

As a feminist, I feel very much a part of a women’s movement.  Whatever wave we’re on, i’ve lost track.  I think misogyny is at the root of all oppression, and I long to let young people know that they have the power to turn around all cultural assumptions that are fed to us in our racist/classist/misogynist/transphobic society.  Trust, I think, between each other will be at the root of our ultimate liberation.

And so, Judy Blume, I take your catchy wisdom and I raise it, to let young women know that their strength lies not in their appearance, but in their minds, their capacity to organize, to build community, and to think outside the box!



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