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It is with great joy and excitement that I get ready to release my new album, In Us We Trust.  What began in Brooklyn, traveled to a log cabin in Michigan, stopped off in Iowa, and ended at the BEACH in Los Angeles; this album is a definite new direction for me. I have been on a journey, with songs crafted from beats fed to me by Billie Jo (Alligator), and produced and sculpted by Roger Paul Mason.


I will release it as BEACH.  It definitely marks a shift. Shift in sound, shift in heart, shift in purpose—as I warned you years ago on my album Make This Break This; “I’m an ever-coming coming new new-comer to you.”


When I started working on the songs for this forth-coming album In Us We Trust, I was thinking a lot about “Us”, about inclusiveness, and what it means to be and have ‘community.’ I was thinking about power. How we give it away, how we claim it. I wanted to make songs that involved you. That gave you lines. I wanted to feel with you on stage, not just in front of you.


Working on this collection of songs, I had that feeling that you get on a wide-open BEACH: like I could go anywhere, run forever down the shoreline–the possibilities seemed endless. That joy of being at the BEACH, where you lose your inhibitions and shed a layer or two, was very integral to the creative process this time around. It allowed me to be playful, to be stronger in my truest self and to have so much fun. The music we were making felt celebratory, and I was consciously making it participatory. For you. I had been loving Billie’s beats, and started using them in my writing. I wanted to make something to move your bodies as well as your minds.


During this whole process, I decided to leave Brooklyn for a while, where I had been based for 15 years. I can’t really tell you all the reasons why. It was just time for me to go. I was shifting–psychically, artistically, physically. Billie Jo and I moved to a log cabin in the middle of nowhere Michigan and continued to work on the songs. It was super drastic. Suddenly we were heating with a wood stove, and the kind of quiet I felt there was life-altering. I would drive to the small town library to upload stuff to Roger, or get files from him, and we kept going like that for 2 years.


When we launched the Kickstarter campaign, we decided to call it BEACH. BEACH represents to me a place where everything shifts. Rocks become sand, water meets earth, birds screech, tides turn and colors collide. You came there with me. We backed the project successfully, and it was as if I could hear all of you saying “go ahead.”


I hope, through all my shifts, through all the different cloaks I have worn, that I can help one ounce of you feel more alive, more powerful, more free. BEACH, to me, is the hope of us connecting. BEACH makes me conscious of my connection to the ocean and the land. Something about being right at the very border between two worlds reminds me how much we are a part of both of them. And I think music does something similar. It helps us slow down and take notice of where we are, what we’re doing and what we’re dreaming of.


So–here we are at the BEACH.  Excited to have you along.  Singing these songs.  It’s a whole lesson of trust!  Because we must!  we must!


It’s with all my love, from the bottom of my witchiest bitchiest heart, I present my new project, BEACH to you. Coming in album form on July 16th 2013 via my own label, Short Story Records.




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