Ferron: Thunder & Lighten-ing

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We are thrilled to announce the release of a double-disk package, Thunder & Lighten-ing.  Thunder is the documentary we made about Ferron, and Lighten-ing is the accompanying album.

Order them now by clicking HERE

Thunder was Produced by Bitch, Billie Jo Cavallaro and Leslie Gearhart.

Executive Producers:  Leslie Gearhart, Lisa Deaton and Ian Hagemann

Lighten-ing was Produced by Bitch

Co-Produced by Roger Paul Mason and Skyler VanWalbeek

Associate Producer Billie Jo Cavallaro

Executive Producer: Leslie Gearhart

Ferron's new double-disk package, Thunder & Lighten-ing, includes a film about the artist and a new full-length recording. Short Story Records logo

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