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New Songs, New You

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I’ve been working on new songs.  Loving you in them, with them, through them.  Can’t wait to share, but for now I am in my post-election pendulum-swinging cocoon.        

Writing into spiral bounds

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Since I was about 11, I have written poetry. This past winter i took it upon myself to organize the huge stack of spiral bound notebooks that have been slowly multiplying for the last 20 years of my adult life! It was a grueling task–I decided I would try to put them in some sort… Read more »

A Post for Post-Mother’s Day

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My Mother is from Coventry, England.  At 16, she started her own tap dancing school.  When she and my Dad moved to the US, she opened a tap studio in our basement, where she taught 300 kids a week! This is the story of her birth. Three months before my Mother was to be born,… Read more »

Just to clarify

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Just to clarify: I am Bitch. My new project is BEACH. And my birth name is Karen Mould! Thank you all for being part of my journey.  I seriously friggin love you. xo    

I Bitch because

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Bitch by Billie Jo Cavallaro

I have just finished an every-month-or-so-ritual of un-tagging all the random people who have tagged Bitch on my Facebook fan page but have nothing to do with me, our community, my music, or the feminist reclaiming of that word. I always have to have a certain shell around me when I do this, because I’m reminded… Read more »

Ferron: Thunder & Lighten-ing

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We are thrilled to announce the release of a double-disk package, Thunder & Lighten-ing.  Thunder is the documentary we made about Ferron, and Lighten-ing is the accompanying album. Order them now by clicking HERE Thunder was Produced by Bitch, Billie Jo Cavallaro and Leslie Gearhart. Executive Producers:  Leslie Gearhart, Lisa Deaton and Ian Hagemann Lighten-ing… Read more »

In Us We Trust, the single

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Alt Text

The title track of my upcoming NEW ALBUM was inspired by many things, including Judy Blume’s “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret.” Ask any woman if they know the chant that begins “We must, we must….” and chances are 99% of them will promptly and excitedly finish, “we must increase our bust!”  Some over-achievers may… Read more »

Love Was a River

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In Us We Trust Cover

Today, we are less than a month from releasing my new album, “In Us We Trust.”  Not only is it my new album, but it’s such a different sonic celebration that I decided to release it under the name BEACH.  Read my previous post if you wanna know WHY! As we near the release date,… Read more »

Bitch’s new project BEACH

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BEACH Poster

It is with great joy and excitement that I get ready to release my new album, In Us We Trust.  What began in Brooklyn, traveled to a log cabin in Michigan, stopped off in Iowa, and ended at the BEACH in Los Angeles; this album is a definite new direction for me. I have been… Read more »