Camp TWATH, pt. 1

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Camp TWATH is my tour bus, my roadway adventurer, my canopy in musical trees, my most stable home in my adult life to date.

This beauty of a bus was originally bought to be the Bitch and Animal tour bus to tour the country with Ani Difranco.  Named Camp TWAT by Animal, TWAT being an anagram for Tenacious Women and Trannies.

Since then, the word ‘trannies’ has been re-examined as transphobic, so I changed the anagram to TWATH.  It has a rennaissance ring to it, no?  Like it was inked by quill?

The anagram can mean any of the following:  Tenacious Women And Transgendered Humanoids, Tenacious Women And Total Hopefulness, or Tenacious Women And Their Helpers.

She has housed me, rocked me, brought me and taught me for many many years.  Here are some pics of the inside of her:











Stay tuned for more pics and a full tour!



the Camp TWATH-ians


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