We are in Chicago

This is one of my old home towns. I am excited to play, and also a little melancholy. Probably just the hope of old friends. I’m coloring my gay sneakers. Left the cabin without my shoes! So I stopped and bought the gay-est nurse shoes around. It’s like I’m walking on marshmallows. Super comfy, super ugly. Ugly is the new pretty! he he.

Excited, mostly.


We just bedazzled my violin bow. Why Goddess, Why have I never done that until now?

Weirdest movie ever

Alligator and I watched the weirdest movie ever last night. Exit through the Gift Shop. was made by the amazing artist Banksy.—well worth the watch and sitting through the cheesey parts, not only to see some really powerful artwork, but for a really strange peer into the human phyche, ego problems, and entitlement issues.

Bitch Influence #6

I am the third kid. The third sister. Born on the thirtieth day in the third month. When forced to choose a ‘lucky number’ i naturally chose 3. Then later, 33 since I figured it was two 3′s, and the more the merrier. Animal and I referenced it in 33 Zen Lane

When we wrote The Pussy Manifesto I made sure that #3 was the MAIN THEME. WItches RULE! Manifest THAT, Mudda Fuckas! xo


Bitch Influence #5

My baby-sitters

The 70s. I was probably playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over and over. Great song. I have re-recorded that song twice now. What’s That Smell? and Sound Bites.


Nancy and I spent many days catching tadpoles. I’d bring them home, grow them into little frogs, then let them go into the world. It changed my life. I can’t quite say how, but may be similar to a parental feeling.

Bitch Influence #4

My Mom has run her own Tap-Dancing school since she was 16, which she started back in England, before she and my Dad moved to the States. She ran her school out of our basement, and the floor in our house was always vibrating with the percussive classes. This is the root of all rhythm for me. Shuffle step Shuffle step, beaming up through the kitchen floor.

Can anyone say Jazz Hands?



This was our dog, BoJangles–named after the famous tap dancer. Pictured here with our cat, Dizzy.

Bitch Influence #3

The Engels get a whole post of their own.  This was my chosen family. Nancy was my best friend in Monroeville, PA where I lived until I was 10 and we moved to the suburbs of Detroit. They were catholics, had 8 kids, (Nancy was the 6th), 4 dogs (two of them Great Danes, one of them a German Shepherd and one big Mutt), and at least 4 or so cats roaming in and out of their lives. Their house was a deleriously happy chaos. When we moved, my heart truly broke. (It’s when I started writing poetry.) I dreamt about them the other night. They still live in the same house and have multiplied extensively.  That’s me on the left.  Nancy right next to me.

Bitch Influence #2


Not only did I love Pippi, but I also wanted her monkey.


When I think of my childhood, I always picture a wood-panelled station wagon like this, only red. It was our family car–from back in the day before we had to wear seatbelts and my sisters and i would bounce around town on its vinyl seats. I drove it til it died when I was 16, and it got to the point where you could take the keys out of the car and it would still be running.


A hill full of black-eyed Susans were my main view out my bedroom window.