Elvis on Tour

On our last tour to the West Coast, Elvis contracted some sort of itch spot that wouldn’t go away.  So, during a few days off in Berkeley, we took him to a vet where he got coned.  By the time we got to the dog beach down in Long Beach, he was wearing it like a crown.






When we were making THUNDER

I wrote this note to myself–using the words of the great poet herself, Ferron.  Something about editing makes the inside of my brain shake and the reminders here were good for me…


Go read about the project HERE

Go get yerself a copy HERE


Flippity Flap

Oh right wing–shouldn’t trees be considered a higher power?

The full news report

Tuesday, here at the cabin, lots of woodpeckers pecked.

I worked on Pro-Tools, we walked.

Now, Duke Ellington and Lady-roasted coffee

Dogs are asleep and the dandelions begin to grow

Bitch Influence #9

My Dad. Pictured here in the local Coventry (England) newspaper. Something about seeing pictures of my parents before I was born triggers either totally witchy or totally devastating poems, depending on the day.

Reminds me of one of my favorite Joyce Carol Oates poems. Wish I could remember the title cuz I’d hyper-link it for ya.

And my artistic path may have taken a completely different turn had I never been exposed to the ride “It’s a Small World” at Disney World. Sounds gay, but true. It was the first time I remember feeling completely SURROUNDED by music.

Birthday weekend. JAZZED

I was happy to celebrate my birthday all weekend with Alligator, Elvis and Einstein. We made Gluten-and-Sugar-free Yellow cake and some sort of peanut butter fudge type frosting. I was JAZZED.

There is nothing like a tour to make you feel so happy to, at the finish line, celebrate your birthday by doing almost nothing.

Yesterday, we went on a hike and let the boys run their poodle-mix pants off, then came home and watched “Midnight Cowboy.”

Today, the spring greens are starting to pop up out of the weirdly-not-winter ground, and for the next 3 months I will have my eyes DOWN foraging for dandelion greens, nettle, and FIDDLEHEADS.

I missed fiddlehead week last year, and I’m determined to not let those little ferns fool me again.

Here’s a pic I chose to represent this post-tour feeling of one part electricity one part rest.

May my upcoming year be filled with lots of harvests, an amazing new album, and friends to hi-five along the road.