the Williamsburg Bridge

is a chandelier of hope

delicate and hanging in my view


and You are the crystally light

cast into my cornea

forever burned

and better for the wound



-Bitch, 2011


All Good

The phrase “it’s all good” totally weirds me out.  Makes me think that we really are happier living in total denial.  It’s ALL GOOD?  Really?   Like have you NEVER read a newspaper?  Have you never heard of Plastic Island, police brutality, Syria, Palestine, polar bears, racism or slavery?  Really?  It’s all good?  Maybe I should get one of those pills!





I was a Landmass
I was seeping seething
Locks of seaweed grass

I was a Landmass
I was beautiful, boobed
A mountain pass

I was a Landmass
and floating


-from Make This Break This

Go see HERE


We were in Omaha.  All unpacked, glittered up, and ready to go to our show.









This was what we drove away from


Little did we know, we had left their 3lb bag of food on the very accessible desk in there.  So while we played our show, Elvis and Einstein had an all-you-can-eat buffet.