Tour in a nutshell

Alligator and I rocked the houses.  Our set list:

1.  Quiz  (new song)

2.  If You are What You Eat

3.  Tango

4.  Love was a River

5.  In Us We Trust

6.  Ibuprofen

For all of you who bought the cd:  none of these songs are yet released!  So–you bought “Blasted!” my most recent release!  Stay tuned for the new one–it’s pretty much DONE, just looking for it’s way out of the birth canal!

Back to the tour:

Amsterdam was first—(Alligator wants to move there)

Then— Frankfurt!  The venue was hot as a summer in hell and the company (the audience, Jay, the sound dude) made it totally worth sweating through.  We met up with our tour manager, Lisa, and the German adventure began!

Here’s the dressing room:









This was us playing in Koln:

Jay sang so beautifully.  I backed him up on “Goddamned” and “Everywhere there’s Statues” and some nights “Half Boyfriend”

Hamburg was super fun. We met up with the agency that booked the tour—  had some Schnizel, had some Spazl—is this the right word?  The doughy goodness fried with onions and cheese?


Berlin was also kinda mind-blowing!  Really great crowd, and one of my Mom’s old friends, Gesine showed up and we had some biere in the biergarten.  She has watched me grow up, and was proud to see the Bitch show.  She thought she might stay for a couple of Jay’s songs—then of course stayed all night!

The next day, Alligator and I rented bikes and rode all over the city.  It was wild–our hotel was built right on an old prison site.  We had very intense dreams.  The history, similarly, was intense. We rode along where the wall was.   We went through the huge city parks.  We picnicked and drank lots of coffee.  The bike paths were so user friendly and it felt like I could fly.



Munchen was last night.  The last night of the tour!  We stayed up til 2 am chatting with Jay–we will miss him!  He is off to Tel-Aviv, and we are off to Paris!

Here is a shot of Billie, Jay, Lisa and Bitch in the dressing room before our last show!  Safe travels and see you soon!

now we are heading back to the Hauptbanhopf to take an overnight to Paris.  TTYL!




Spent the day wandering the streets with Jay and Alligator.  The shows are going great.  Glitter is glitting.

Enjoying a day off-en-hof!  (dumb American joke)




we just got in

to London.  Slept like sleep was a new invention.

Now we are sucking off the free internet at some sort of college near where we’re staying.  Alligator is starving–going to find a good vegetarian curry.

Happy to be in the land of my people.  Homies!



Europe bound

Excited to go open for Jay Brannan’s record relase tour!  He is a pal and a great singer and I get to back him up with some witchy violin too!

Check out his SITE and sing along!

Is this the tiniest pic ever?  I swear I’ll take more over there to make up for this!



We use 1 million ‘disposable’ plastic bags per MINUTE.  These bags end up in the ocean, un-naturally filling different marine animals’ stomachs with toxic chemicals that they can’t digest.

According to, in the United States alone, an estimated 12 million barrels of oil is used annually to make plastic bags that Americans consume.

Gross!  Let’s start reusing our bags we do have, ACTIVATING on a local level to have them  out-lawed, and make, trade, and pick up some awesome tote bags to make our consumer-carbon footprint a little smaller.

I carry my LE TIGRE TOTE wherever I go!  TOTES!!  Our Oceans sustain us!  Corporate carelessness doesn’t!!


Kitchen lyrics


I need to rely on my notebooks now
I need to get it down when i’m down
listen up when i’m up

chase my words around
chase my joy
whether to-words you
or away from you boy

Nah nah nah nah nah nah

I’m sitting in a haze
mess of my best friend’s kitchen
i am comfortable in it (yeah)

Ry, her child
is spinning from the ceiling
we are circuses and recycled art
trash picked into beautiful

there’s a kettle of knowledge
on the stove
it knows that we go where warmth goes
and i’m about to go

Nah nah nah nah nah nah

But my whistle gets so hot
which makes me get all fired up
which makes you want to fuck me
but oh-so-hard to love me
through the bridge of this

I’m sitting in a haze
mess of my best friend’s kitchen
i am comfortable in it (yeah)

Our love had been the ocean to me
now you’re swimming off in her sea
you crossed it to get away from me
changed your name
found your fame
and took back your ring

it’s a cloudy day
and the sun is making its way
back to me

it’s a beautiful walk
it was true and all talk

it’s all booze and trash
as you would say in your language
you’re a tattoo stashed
under my eye bag

nah nah nah nah nah nah

ooh–i’m settling
getting my feathers back together-ing
it took a minute or so
to remind me who i was
i’m not a ring
i am more for sing

all earth shakes
all earth shakes
and i was shaken
oh i was shaken

there’s a highway between us
i’m about to get on it
feel the plate shift tectonic
and go



-from the album Blasted!  go listen HERE