In Us We Trust–Cast of Characters

Here are the three fools who made In Us We Trust

Super happy today, about to release the first track to the world!

This album was conceived in Brooklyn, brewed in the Midwest, and Birthed in Los Angeles.

Produced by Roger Paul Mason with a little help from Bitch and Billie Jo Cavallaro


Llyn Foulkes–a poem to your painting “The Western Viewpoint”








Sad for nephews, longing for birds

what we recognize is already heard

money for brains, silently colluding

not even knowing which river we’re polluting


Mickey’s membrane, Disney’s drain

long ago water now mixed with pain

everything’s for sale, that which is unsellable

sky still makes hail, that is inevitable


-Bitch, 2013 at the Hammer’s Llyn Foulkes exhibit

Llyn Foulkes–a poem to your painting ‘The New Rennaissance, 1991′









What is the human condition

telephone wired, seagulls’ trappings

gun control, fake mothering

daddy heroes and painted worlds

violence on canvas, the shore of sex

selling every last grain

every last train

for the almighty dollar, white

collar chokes us down

no sound but the ocean and its

hurting words, chemical solution

islands of doubt, sucking on

Nestle, making a drought

all piers, all crucifix

all women, 2-dimensional hiss


-Bitch, 2013 at the Hammer’s Llyn Foulkes exhibit

Residency in Los Angeles

I haven’t written in a while!

We came to Los Angeles for the winter and have fallen in LOVE.

Please join us for our upcoming residency.  Come manifest with us!!


It’ Saturday and a game day

We call them game days when we have shows, workshops and festivals to perform!  Elvis and Einstein are waiting with their leashes on, Ferron is snoring on our hotel bed, and we are about to go play OLF and do what we do.





Kickstart my new project, BEACH

Here is your chance to be part of this album’s legacy!  Get a poem penned-for-you-by-Bitch, credit as Associate Producer on the full-length album, or drive away in my beloved tour bus, Camp TWATH!

Albums cost so much money to make!  It takes a whole village to LAUNCH THIS THING


I’m rounding the final corners on the new album.


I wrote a few of the songs for this album on a keytar that Alligator found at a thrift store by Ferron’s house.


I wrote a song after a show I played with Debbie Gibson (yes—THE Debbie Gibson) on said keytar, to one of the incredible built-in beats called “tango.”  Since then, I’ve always called this song “Tango”—but more in just a way of knowing how to refer to it.  Now I have to decide!  Am I really going to call it Tango?  How many other songs in the universe also have that name? Maybe it should be “The Debbie Gibson” song?


I’m gonna sleep on it.


We are mixing

We are mixing the new album AND the soon-to-be-released ep called “The Beach Tapes”

We are in Chicago. It’s fun and stressful and everything finalizing a huge project should be.

We did the photo shoot for The Beach Tapes right before we left Michigan and came here to mix.  It was 102 degrees outside.  Elvis was a great model, regardless.

The new Kickstarter project will be out soon!  The cassette necklaces are so awesome I’m gonna make myself one in every color..

Camp TWATH, pt. 1

Camp TWATH is my tour bus, my roadway adventurer, my canopy in musical trees, my most stable home in my adult life to date.

This beauty of a bus was originally bought to be the Bitch and Animal tour bus to tour the country with Ani Difranco.  Named Camp TWAT by Animal, TWAT being an anagram for Tenacious Women and Trannies.

Since then, the word ‘trannies’ has been re-examined as transphobic, so I changed the anagram to TWATH.  It has a rennaissance ring to it, no?  Like it was inked by quill?

The anagram can mean any of the following:  Tenacious Women And Transgendered Humanoids, Tenacious Women And Total Hopefulness, or Tenacious Women And Their Helpers.

She has housed me, rocked me, brought me and taught me for many many years.  Here are some pics of the inside of her:











Stay tuned for more pics and a full tour!



the Camp TWATH-ians


The Midwest Stretch

Alligator and I just waved Jay off onto the airport shuttle.

We played Columbus OH, Chicago IL, Minneapolis MN and Kansas City MO

The shows were inspired, witchy, funny and comfortable.

Our set list:






All of these songs are new ones, and will be on my forthcoming album.

In Minneapolis, Jay convinced me to play extra songs, including his favorite of mine, Unstick from my album Make This Break This.  We also added Open Up. from my album Blasted!

Then I got to play Everywhere There’s StatuesGoddamned, and Half Boyfriend in his set. Super fun, deep, all the good stuff good stuff should be.

Every time we part ways after one of these tours we’ve been doing, it feels like the end of summer camp!!