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My Mother is from Coventry, England.  At 16, she started her own tap dancing school.  When she and my Dad moved to the US, she opened a tap studio in our basement, where she taught 300 kids a week!

This is the story of her birth.

Three months before my Mother was to be born, her family’s house was bombed.  Most pregnant women were evacuated to the country, including my Grandmother.  My Grandpa had to stay in Coventry to work, and the people whose home my Grandmother was evacuated to, were apparently very rude to her when she stayed there.  It was a government-enforced hosting obligation, and these people were very inconvenienced and made sure my Grandmother knew it.

So when she went into labor on a pitch black rainy English night, she had no means of transport to the hospital. With the aid of her husband’s sister, they called a taxi cab to take them to the hospital.  But they got completely lost, because the English had taken down all the road signs to try to confuse the Germans.  My Mother was born as they were still looking for the hospital!

Check out the video we made and hear it in my Mom’s own words!



And YES, this is a pic of me in a recital with the class my Mom and I taught together her hee.  That’s me on the right, and she is the second from the left!


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